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solving problems

"OK, it is now finished, and I never want to work with lawyers ever again. I was drained of my savings and got nothing in return, just a big run around until my money ran out. Thanks for your book and its guidance, I did as you said and got it done faster than I thought possible. Thank you Colin". Diane, Arlington VA "My wife's attorney said I should pay in the range of $2,500 to $3,000 per month, but we used your book and discovered how to calculate and negotiate spousal support amounts. We came to an agreement for $1,600 a month payable for four years. We both think it's fair, and I hate to think how much it would have cost us both in legal fees if we actually continued with the attorney route". David P. LA California


If you and your ex are OK with support money

OK your marriage is over and it's time to do some accounting, it's time to sit back and try to figure out how much cash you need to give or receive. Ideally you come to an arrangement, but we all know it is not as easy as it sounds. Your book will guide you through important steps and show you how to avoid the common traps. I give you sample agreements and show you how to have a custom document to stand up over time.

I'll show you how to work out the support sums and present your draft for approval so you won't have to go to court or spend a fortune in legal fees. You have control of the process and eliminate wasted running back and forth to a law office or waiting and waiting for appointments.

Your book is valid in Canada and every US State and runs on your computer or device.

It's all about money

I'll help you get it right the first time, because if the numbers are too low your ex may fight or run to a lawyer, if the numbers are too high somebody suffers - or the payments dry up.

A mistake and deadly trap is jumping directly to the crunching of numbers - there is an important consideration to resolve first, and only when that is done can you safely move to the money stuff. This trap is often side-stepped by lawyers - and you ignore this step at your peril. Another deadly trap is buying into the concept of advisory guidelines. Using any published advisory guidelines alone is a lazy lawyer's way of making a case.

If you learn only one thing today let it be this important point - when it comes to spousal support individual analysis is required.


( From a court transcript )

"Trial judge erred by not engaging in a detailed individual analysis.
Court states that " the dossier as it is and the brief pleadings of counsel on this aspect do not permit us, in my opinion, to pronounce a judgment of principle upon the utilization of the Advisory Guidelines."

Court refers to important criticisms of Advisory Guidelines found in judgments of Justices Julien and Gendreau and concerns about "recipes »and formulas being used to avoid the difficult individual analysis required."


How to calculate spousal support

I think you'll agree that coming up with a dollar figure can be difficult.
I'll show you how to determine reasonable amounts and a reasonable time limit so you can end the alimony issues on fair terms. I use the results from court cases from all over North America to determine what the types of awards the courts are ordering. This method shows the court's range and it is just a starting point because each case stands on its own. Your situation is unique.

In Chapter 3 you'll see how to simplify and resolves things so you can feel better and get spousal support issues resolved quickly without interference from lawyers. Buy your spousal support book, it can make the world of difference -- and can save you countless nights of frustration. If you insist on hiring a lawyer then with your new knowledge you can shorten your consulting time and substantially lower the lawyer's bill.


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expecting a fight?

Is your ex is demanding spousal support money?

1. The answers are here, and you'll understand what the other side must prove, what processes they might use, and how the attack might happen.
2. Use Chapter 2 to decide what amount of money is fair; and use Chapter 4 to learn key negotiating skills so you can lower the support payments to a modest level.
3. Use Chapter 6 to defend the attack on your wallet. Chapter 6 is all about defense strategies, and how not to pay spousal support. You are going to use these strategies and other legal things to your advantage.
4. If you are paying support right now either by a written agreement or by an order from a court I will show you how to legally lower your payments. Too many times people make a bad deal and find out later how bad it is when circumstances change. Yes, you have a right to revisit the agreement. I'll show you how.
5. If you get a letter from your ex or from a lawyer I'll show you exactly what to do to short circuit their attack. If you have been handed an imposing court form then your book will help with your defense. When served with a court document you have limited time to respond, and the natural reaction can be classic anger, but with my help the anger soon fades.


Action is eloquence,
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You'll discover a few truths which make the journey ahead a little more bearable. It's all about money and for a pittance of $29.50 you can save yourself years of having your money drained from your wallet.